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Founded in 1945, AZKOYEN Industrial offers a complete range of vending machines (hot and cold drinks, snacks and tobacco). A constant investment in R&D and Innovation allows AZKOYEN to offer a wide range of products known for its design, reliability, flexibility and adaptability to the various markets, acting as the best guarantee for the future.With an international presence in more than 36 countries the AZKOYEN Group has subsidiaries in Germany, France and the United Kingdom, and one of the most extensive commercial network in Spain.

AZKOYEN launched Sienna Z in 2010, a new hot drinks vending machine. Sienna Z can satisfy the tastes of the most demanding palates with outstanding consistency and quality. It is a very intuitive and easy to use machine.

AZKOYEN has also launched a new range of cold drinks and snacks vending machines (Brisa and Mistral range). Both series boast an attractive design. The equipment is sturdy, reliable and very accessible due to its modular construction. Available in three sizes and offering the potential to increase or reduce the number of machines in an existing display with a single coin mechanism unit, the Brisa and Mistral series can be adapted to the specific requirements of any sales point. They can also operate as an individual machine with a payment module or be connected to a Tempo, City or Sienna hot drinks unit.

Cashlogy: Cash machine for in-shop cash transactions






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