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Distform SL has been a leading company in the manufacturing of machinery and equipment for professional kitchens for over 20 years. It is renowned for manufacturing high quality products and for its outstanding service and professionalism.

For the past three years, Distform has been exploring new ways to expand its business, heavily investing both financial and human resources in two major areas: innovation and exporting. Following this objective, Distform is now looking to develop new lines of business that will allow the further growth and internationalization of the company.

This investment has already paid off in the form of the TekSeries range, which incorporates the latest and most innovative technology. The TekSeries range includes the latest generation of packaging machines, high and low temperature convection ovens, chillers and temperature regulators and maintainers.

The studies and work of Distform's R+D team have created the newly patented TSC (Thermal Stability Control), which won the 2012 edition of the prestigious Madrid Fusion Award for Innovation. This patented device is also capable of providing great precision in low-temperature cooking and the regeneration of products.

Another result of this research has been the recently patented iVAC (Intelligent Vacuum) packager, which offers the pioneering solution of vacuum packaging using sensors. This system gives TekVac packagers the advantage of intelligent packaging which automatically applies the optimal vacuum for each product.

Distform is currently working on a number of new projects which will help us to become one of the leading companies in the world in the field of developing technological innovations for the restaurant industry.



abatidor de temperatura

cabinets, heated

cabinets, isotherm


carros calientes con humidificador

carros de distribución de comida

carros de servicio

carros para cestas

carros portabandejas

carts, dish

cubos desperdicios

elementos de autoservicio y buffet

envasadoras al vacío

estanterías inoxidables


frigoríficos salad-chef

hand dryers

knive sterilizers


mesas calientes

mesas de cocina

mobiliario para cocina

ovens, convection

pantallas de infrarrojos

polyethylene shelving

racks, pastry

recipientes gastro norm

tablas de troceo

tables, polyethylene


vitrinas frigoríficas