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Josep María De Segarra, 19
Barberà Del Vallès
Tel: 34 93 7293145
Fax: 34 93 7184856




ASTING EQUIP, S.L., makes and commercialises a wide range of chicken roasting jacks and barbecues under the FECA brand. This is done throughout our national territory, in different European countries, and the north of Africa. Our objective is to satisfy the end customer by offering him o her, a product that can be adapted with the greatest flexibility, economy, quality and durability in his or her own company. That is our motive for working on innovations in the quality, and in the lowering of costs of this product, while maintaining the quality of the product. Products: The extensive range of chicken roasting jacks allows us to attend to the needs of small businesses as well as to large locales of pre-prepared food and large scale of chicken. In some models of these roasters the product can be adapted to all kinds of meats. This offers versatility to those who need it. Thanks to our investigation, the consumption of our rotating roasting jacks has been reduced by half. Our gas barbecues and overhead grills offer an interesting versatility for restaurants in that meat can be grilled in a brief amount of time. Grilling, heating plates and even cooking pizzas can be done in record time. Their quality being certified by official authorisations, and the aesthetics of the stainless steel roasters as well as their solidness ensure a durability and profitability for our clients.


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barbacoas gas

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