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We are manufacturers. In Barcelona since 1960. Quality, Experience and innovation in custom- made ovens and toasters, fry tops, cooking ranges and more. InterCook  Solutions is the company that manufactures and distributes the Dosilet brand products.

As a brand, Dosilet starts in1960 with the first condensed milk dispenser. In 1976 manufactures the first hard chrome griddle in Spain and, in 1980, the first conveyor oven. Since then on,  Dosilet product range is in a constant evolution under  the premises of  quality, experience and innovation. The custom-made conveyor TT Dosilet range of ovens and toasters  allow  adapting any machine of this range to the user´specific needs in power (from 3.000 to 12.000 wats), voltage, conveyor with and lenght and extras.

The Dosilet Cooking Ranges provide an excellent quality/price relationship. All their elements can be provided countertop o with base. Their griddles are remarkable, entirely in stainless steel (burners and drawers included) with a 20 mm thick hard stainless steel counter top , 90 microns chrome layer and removable front cover for better repair; and their Cooking Ranges and Tops are mould cast , with hermetic seal burners the power of each one can be choosen among three possible powers (3,5 kW - 5,5 kW - 7,5 kW). Salamanders, barbacues and grills, heaters and fryers complete the Dosilet product range.

Today, we keep growing with the same motto, to manufacture what ours customers may need at every moment, but with new aims: modular and custom-made manufacture, healthy cooking, energy efficiency, easy use and maintenance, maximum safety and digital technology.


accesorios para cafeteras

aparatos de cocción de pasta

automatic citrus-fruit juicers

barbacoas carbón vegetal

barbacoas gas

cabinets, heated

carros calientes con humidificador

carros de servicio

charcoal for barbecues

cocinas de campaña

cocinas industriales

cocinas snack

dosificadores de salsas

expositor de tapas, caliente

expositores de tapas, neutro

freidoras eléctricas

freidoras gas

Fry top

fryers, high performance

frying pans, fix


hornos convencionales

kettles, bain marie

líneas modulares snack

ovens, baking and pastry

ovens, combination convection-steam

ovens, convection

ovens, microwaves

ovens, mixed

ovens, pizza, conveyor

parrillas carbón

parrillas eléctricas

parrillas gas

planchas de asar

planchas rápidas de cromo duro

salamandras gratinadoras


toasters, conveyor

tostadoras de pan

vitrinas calientes

vitrinas neutras