• Cooking equipment

  • Cooking auxiliar equipment

  • Ventilation and air-conditioning

  • Storage and Distribution

  • Warewashing

  • Refrigeration

  • Bar equipment

  • Cookware and tableware

  • Laundry and dry clean

  • Cleaning and hygiene

  • Furniture and furnishing

  • Vending and Self service

  • Fabrics and clothing

  • Disposables

  • Security, Control and Management Syst

  • Turnkey projects

Bar equipment

accesorios para cafeteras

automatic citrus-fruit juicers

barras de bar

coffee machines, electronic

coffee machines, espresso

coffee machines, semi-automatic

coffee machines, super-automatic

dispensers, beverages

dosificadores de salsas

expositor de tapas, caliente

expositores de tapas, neutro

grinders, coffee

hot chocolate dispensers

hot chocolate machines


kegs, beer and carbonated drinks


sistemas de regulación y control para cafeteras


tiger nut milk makers

toasters, fast-food

vitrinas calientes

vitrinas neutras