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C/ Los Huertos Nº 26, P.i. Tejerias Norte
La Rioja
Tel: 34 941 147653
Fax: 34 941 148519




FRUCOSOL is a Spanish brand that manufactures Hotel and Restaurant equipment since 1991.
Our company tries to offer always products that can be adapted to our customers needs but taking into account a very good quality-price relationship, and a strategic system of logistic and stock; in this way we get the maximum satisfaction and a nimble answer to any request. Currently FRUCOSOL has three strong lines of production: AUTOMATIC CITRUS JUICERS: These are machines that have reached the highest positions in the market thanks to its compact and innovative design in stainless steel. CUTLERY AND GLASSES DRYER AND POLISHERS: Machines that realize the task of removing impurities, lime and water marks from the cutlery and glasses, saving time and manpower. We are a pioneer company in Spain in the production of these machines that have revolutionized the kitchens of the best restaurants and hotels due to its utility. WINE CELLARS: Cabinets and cellars that will provide your wines with the most suitable conditions. Currently Frucosol is preparing the launching of a new product: A MACHINE TO REMOVE THE GREASE AND DIRT. This will be another tool that will be almost compulsory in any kitchen, that is, a system that will finish with the hard job of removing the grease and dirt from your kitchen tools (filters, trays, frying pans, caceroles) We work to be able to introduce creativity and vanguard in hotels, restaurants, cafes, and so on, helping in this way our customers to offer a better final service.


automatic citrus-fruit juicers

cutlery, automatic drying

wine cabinets, temperature controlled

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