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Although Juanós, s.a. has been established with this name since 1986, its developement is due to more than 30 years dedicated to the transformation of stainless steel. In order to do so, we own a totally equiped factory to produce all kind of equipments made out of stainless steel for Hotel business and Restaurants. Along with all of that, we also have the support of our Technical Office dedicated to the design and development of our products. Our effort wich is orientated to offer quality and service, has been acknowledged by our costumers, who have confidence in us to install all of their equipment. Although we have an extensive catalogue of standard products, our main activity is the special construction of unique made-to-measure pieces, adapted to the needs of our clients and the design of the establishmenet. PRODUCTS Our selection of products includes: Equipment for KITCHENS (including furniture fridge components and heat-keeper pieces of furniture) Equipment for BARS & CAFETERIAS Equipment for BUFFET & SELF-SERVICE Equipment for FAST-FOOD Specially designed furniture for companies, laboratories and interior designers.


armarios frigoríficos

bajomostrador refrigerado

barras de bar

botelleros frigoríficos

cabinets, heated

carros calientes con humidificador

carros de servicio

carros fríos expositores de marisco

carros para cestas

carros portabandejas

carts, dish

carts, popcorn

contramostrador refrigerado

elementos de autoservicio y buffet

estanterías inoxidables

expositores de tapas, neutro

expositores de tapas, refrigerado


frigoríficos salad-chef

kettles, bain marie

mesas calientes

mesas de cocina

mesas frigoríficas preparación pizzas

mesas refrigeradas para pastelería

mobiliario para cocina

muebles cafeteros

pantallas de infrarrojos

tables, polyethylene

vitrinas frigoríficas

vitrinas neutras