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OTERO, S.A. offers an integral service based on over 40 years of service in the hostelry and foodstuff industry. It is a service in which every detail is cared for to the maximum. Our large installations allow us to carry out everything from the initial project to the manufacturing, installation, and after sales service. Our production and position in the market have been achieved through \"Special Fabrication\". It is that in which a specialised knowledge of the product and a suitability of manufacturing according to the desires of the clients. We count on our team of designers and decorators to be able to offer the widest possible range of service. They project into their designs their ideas and desires according to the latest innovations and trends. They particularise the slightest details and give visual form to, and professional counsel for, the plans for the finished product. Our organisation has its own \"integral\" manufacturing in each of the steps that are included in the production cycle. This allows us to give an added valued to each step and incorporate a know how of which we have been proud for our more than 40 years in the hostelry service business.


armarios frigoríficos

bajomostrador refrigerado

barras de bar

botelleros frigoríficos

cabinets, fermentation

cabinets, heated

carros calientes con humidificador

carros de degustación

carros de distribución de comida

carros de servicio

carros fríos expositores de marisco

carros para cestas

carros portabandejas

carts, dish

carts, hot-dog

carts, ice cream

carts, popcorn

contramostrador refrigerado

elementos de autoservicio y buffet

escarchador de copas

estanterías inoxidables

expositor de tapas, caliente

expositores de tapas, neutro

expositores de tapas, refrigerado

freezing equipment, fast and slow

freezing, cabinets

frigoríficos salad-chef

furniture, hotel hall

hotel installations, turnkey

instalaciones de bar llaves en mano

instalaciones frigoríficas especiales

kitchen installations, turnkey

market-stall installations, turnkey

mesas calientes

mesas de cocina

mesas frigoríficas preparación pizzas

mesas refrigeradas para pastelería

mobiliario auxiliar decoración

mobiliario para cocina


racks, pastry

restaurant installations, turnkey

sillas para bar


vitrinas calientes

vitrinas frigoríficas

vitrinas neutras

wine cabinets, temperature controlled

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