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PAPELMATIC S.A. Has, for more than 30 years, been making the most complete range of dispensers, and consumable equipment and products so as to be able to offer integral hygiene services to Institutions and Collectives. Our pioneer product AUTOMATIC TOWEL DISPENSER WITH CONSUMPTION REGULATOR is responsible for the implantation and development of single use towels in the Spanish market. Our constant objective, ever since the beginning of our business, has been to obtain the best quality for our products and services. This has caused us to put into practice the ISO-9002 quality assurance system. We use this for our manufacturing sales, distribution, installation, and maintenance of the dispensers and consumables for the hygiene of Collectives. It is certified by the Certification Centre LGAI. Products: Our line of products can satisfy and market need for dispensers and equipment for institutional hygiene. We have different models and versions available to functionally and aesthetically equip any public place dedicated to hygiene. Our consumable products such as: cellulose, tissues, soaps, air-fresheners and other accessories have features of the highest quality.


dispensers, mounted towels

dispensers, paper towels

dispensers, sanitizing paper

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